Other Public Records

We are providing a number of other records that may be of interest to you. If there is a public record that you are interested in but do not see on the website, please contact the District Office.


As the District’s audited financial statements are prepared by an independent auditor, and accepted by the Board, we will post them on the website for your information. If you are interested in an audit for a previous fiscal year, please contact the District Office.


  • Establishment Ordinance: Rule 42-AA-1 of the Florida Land and Water Adjudicatory Commission (FLWAC), implemented November 1, 1999, establishing the Poinciana CDD
  • Boundary Amendment: Amends Rules 42-AA-1.002 to expand the boundaries of the Poinciana CDD, effective May 29, 2008, as adopted by FLWAC, to include Solivita Phase VI (Solivita East) as part of the District.


  • Rules of Procedure: Administrative rules of procedure amended November 20, 2013, which govern the activities of the District.
  • Prohibited Uses Policy: Restrictions and policies on use of the District’s stormwater ponds, approved May 20, 2015.

District Improvement Plan

The engineer prepares engineering reports describing the District’s improvement plan when bonds are sold and refinanced. These reports detail the specific and general improvements that the District intends to undertake with those bond proceeds.

Map of District Ponds

Map of ponds in the District, coded by number.

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