Lita Epstein

Lita Epstein, Assistant Secretary

Seat 4

Lita Epstein was one of the working committee members on the Solivita Amenities Evaluation Committee (SAEC), and had been instrumental in researching the issues for the residents regarding this critical decision for Solivita. SAEC has also worked behind the scenes to assist CDD supervisors with research, as well, and now serves as a Supervisor.

She has lived in Solivita since 2005 and decided to run for the CDD Board to help Solivita maintain the lifestyle we all enjoy.  She has more than 40 years of training and experience in the area of community development beginning with her BA in Community Development from Rutgers University.  Since then she has served on planning and zoning committees or commissions in Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia. In Florida, she served on the Polk County Board of Adjustments and Planning Commission. She was appointed to both positions by the Polk County Board of County Commissioners.

Along with others in Solivita, she was one of the founding members of Save Our Solivita (SOS), which successfully led the fight to stop the incorporation of the City of Poinciana with the inclusion of Solivita in the city. In addition to SOS, Lita was also a founding member of COPI (Citizens Opposed to Poinciana Incorporation), which has continued the fight against incorporation over the last seven years. The key reason for her strong opposition is that Poinciana has almost no commercial or industrial tax base. This would put almost the full burden of supporting another layer of government on the backs of the residents.

In addition to her strong community development background, Lita earned her MBA at the Goizueta Business School of Emory University in Atlanta, where she gained the financial skills that will help to manage the more complex finances if the CDD does buy the amenities. In addition to the financial skills, Lita worked as the Assistant Facilities Manager of the Emory Clinics, where she managed the facilities needs of 12 medical buildings. In addition, she managed the budgets of five key departments under her division: guest services, transportation, maintenance, material services, and mailroom.

While semi-retired, Lita still runs the writing business she started in 2001 and now has more than 40 books on the market, as well as online educational courses, primarily in the area of business and personal finance. Her biggest selling books are Bookkeeping for Dummies and Reading Financial Reports for Dummies.

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