David Lane

David Lane

Seat #2

Lives In: Bella Viana

David is originally from Massapequa Park Long Island New York. He and his wife Sharyn have two daughters and four grandsons. Daughter Aimee is a CPA and controller of a medical company in Minneapolis, and Robyn works for a non-profit human resources company in Erie, Pa where she teaches member companies how to deal with discrimination in the workplace. In January 2006, David (Dave) and Sharyn moved to Bella Viana after an extensive search for the ideal retirement community.  They fell in love with Solivita the moment they drove through the front gates and saw the lush landscaping, beautiful ponds, well-manicured lawns, and the diversity of housing. As they settled in, Dave felt that he would like to serve the community, and so he began to look at the opportunities. Dave and another Solivita resident took the helm of the newly formed Long Island Club, but that wasn’t enough, so Dave looked to do more. He started the men’s club, the nationally known Romeos (Retired Old Men Eating Out), which after nine years boasts 200 members and is the largest Romeos club in the world. After many years as a consultant in the telecommunications industry as a high level manager, he also wanted to use his education and experience to continue to improve the Solivita lifestyle he fell in love with and the community he lives in, so he joined the Advisory Committee, Poinciana CDD board, and the Polk County Elections Office. Dave’s passion is community service as exemplified by his commitment to helping others. Dave’s lengthy experience is detailed below.

Solivita and Other Community Experience:

  • Advisory Board 2006-08: Suggestions to AV management led to adding safety lights to approaches to and in the tunnels and at the Bella Viana and Venezia parking lot spaces. Advocate for beefing up vehicular security to reduce neighborhood speeding and that effort has had significant positive results in resident safety awareness.
  • PCDD Board 2008-Present: First elected resident to the Board formerly held by AV executives. The Board members are now comprised of only Solivita residents. During my two terms, we have collectively improved the health of the ponds we manage, reduced midge infestation, and maintained the two golf tunnels. In addition, we refinanced our 30-year infrastructure bonds in year 7, effectively reducing each PCDD home owner’s tax burden to Polk County by $2,482.85 over the remaining 23-year life of the bonds. The Board, supported by our legal team, also opposed three separate attempts to make Poinciana a city.
  • Polk County Elections Board: Precinct Clerk for Precinct #412 on Marigold Avenue, Poinciana Florida since 2008. I have managed the precinct for two presidential and several local elections with a staff of seven to ten volunteers.
  • HOA Franklin Farm Housing Development (Virginia): Board member for 12 years of a 1,777 planned housing development. The board managed the following amenities: 13 miles of trails, six fishing ponds, six tennis courts, two swimming pools, 14 tot lots, three multi-purpose courts, one sand volleyball court, and 180 acres of open space.

Business ExperienceThe following listing is an overview of major accomplishments:

  • Indian Affairs Health Services: National Data Warehouse database review and implementation.
  • National Archives: Developed budget requirements, performance goals, risk analysis, and net present value assessment for submission to the Office of Management and Budgets and the President of the United States.
  • Veterans Administration: Consultant responsible for development and implementation of the FY2007 budget submission and spending plans for their telecommunications systems including trending charts and earned value analysis for submission to Congress.
  • Social Security Administration: Program Manager representing AT&T to the Social Security Administration responsible for development and implementation of Voice over the Internet (VoIP) network, equipment, training, customer support, and trouble management for 1,700 SSN offices nationwide.
  • Cable and Wireless Telecommunications: Evaluated, developed, and supported new LAN, PBX, Digital Line Broadband (DSL) and other customer premise equipment programs. Worked with partners Cisco and NCR to develop nationwide distribution, customer contracts, call center management, billing, and customer care. Developed workflow analysis, product ordering, and staging, bar coding, delivery and implementation including quality control and testing.
  • Global One Telecommunications: Developed international consolidated billing system for Deutche Telekom, France Telecom, and Sprint to deliver to their customers in multi-language multi-currency formats. Authored product management guidance documentation to ensure management processes were standardized, complete, and implemented on time and within strict budgetary constraints. Reduced product time to market by 35%
  • Internal Revenue Service: Developed the Federal Government’s only fully automated telecommunications billing system supporting 28,000 telecommunications lines, 10,000 telephone instruments, and 36 sites populated by the Treasury Department’s 15 agencies. The system improved each agency’s budgetary process by 20%, reduced telephone fraud by 10% across the board, and improved budgetary accuracy by 25%.
  • AT&T/Boeing Partnership: On the management team that won the Federal Telecommunications System 2000 FTS2000) bid/contract valued at $25 billion.  Developed the Treasury Department’s FTS/FTS2000 transition plan affecting 135,000 employees

Other Relevant Business Experience:

  • Department of Energy: Developed DOE’s five-year petroleum reserves automation program.
  • Boeing Computer Services: On the management winning team for managing New York City’s five data centers (CITINET), and a multi-billion dollar contract with NASA to manage the space shuttle cargo delivery program.
  • General Dynamics: Developed a strategic plan for the CEO, to automate and integrate 10,000 hard-wired computer terminals, utilizing 48 mini computers, connecting 40,000 engineers developing cruise missiles, F16 and F18 aircraft, nuclear submarines, and telecommunications networks in 1981 (prior to Microsoft corporations windows) at an investment cost of $68 million.
  • American Express: At age 30 managed three AMEX Travelers Cheque Division departments (Accounts Payable, Methods and Procedures, and Special Projects) reporting to the Comptroller of the Division. Developed the division’s first automated financial reporting system (1976) reducing international complex reports delivery time by 80%. Produced monthly, quarterly, and annual balance sheet and profit and loss statements in the $200 million range in multiple currencies to support US and overseas operations.
  • Gerber Life Insurance Company: Designed, developed, implemented and managed a multi-level microfiche information capture and filing system reducing New York City overhead cost by 60% and processing time by 40%.  The system has been in operation since 1973 and is still being used successfully.


MBA: Management, Marketing, Finance at Long Island University

BBA: Business Administration at Hofstra University

Vietnam Era Veteran

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